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Baseball Gloves

Baseball Bats

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Giant Golf Related

   Golf Balls

   Golf Irons

   Golf Putters

   Golf Woods

Harley Davidson


Mechanical Banks


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Model Railroads

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Baseball Bat

Baseball Glove

Disney Related

Golf Related

Harley Davidson


Mechanical Banks



Slot Cars

Star Trek

Star Wars


Teddy Bears


Toy Trucks


General Patent Related Links

Logo of the United States Patent and Trademark Office - Eagle landing on light bulb with 4 stars below United States Patent & Trademark Office

Review & Download Patents from the USPTO.

World-wide patent 
document databases
European Patent Office

Review & Download Patents from the EPO.

Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum

The Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum is the largest privately-owned collection of United States patent models in the world. Containing nearly 4,000 patent models and related documents, the collection spans America's Industrial Revolution.  Step inside to discover the wonders of American ingenuity!

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United States Patent Collectables & Commemoratives

Sharing the stories of millions of patents that have shaped history worldwide is what we do.   It is our belief that sharing these historical accounts of our past that tells us where we came from and where we are headed is FUN.

Patent Collectibles are created by hand when you place your order.   We reproduce patent documents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for our artwork.

If you are interested in classic cars, famous inventors or ever wondered how an invention came to be, then we invite you to learn more about your passion.  Visit a Patent Collectible today at A hobby Shop extraordinaire.
design your watch online! Personalized watches with brand names and themes.
Antique Antiques A general information resource on antique pricing, appraisals and more.

Globe Pequot Press

your source for books on Antiques & Collectibles

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banner Slot Car Links

Patto's Place Slot Cars, Slot Car Bodies & Decals Catering for the Scratchbuilder

Railroad Links

Central Pacific Railroad 
Photographic History Museum 
Many photos and pictures, even stereographic pictures of Railroad History.

Kaleidoscope Links

Kaleidoscope Collector Fine kaleidoscopes in all prices, made by gifted kaleidoscope artists with skill, style and originality.
Kaleidoscope Collector from Hand of the Craftsman
est 1971, on the internet since 1996

Stereoscope Links

Central Pacific Railroad 
Photographic History Museum 
Lots of info about stereoscopes and viewers Home of the National Stereoscopic Association, Stereo World Magazine and the Stereoscopic
Research Library
Sam's Steroscope Page A large collection of Projects and Photographs by a Stereoscopic Enthusiast.
History of the Stereoscope in 3-D A Page relating to the History of Stereoscopes

Baseball Bat Links

Baseball Bat Repair A link to museum quality restoration


Baseball Glove Links

The Sports Doctor Restoration of all things baseball and glove collecting information


Disney Related Links Hidden Mickey Mouse Images throughout the world.

Golf Related Links

The Story of the
Golf Ball
'Want to know more about old and collectible golfballs then visit where you can buy the best ever book on the golfball called The Story of the Golf Ball.'

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bannerTitleist Pro V1

Mizuno TP Putters

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Harley Davidson Links

Harley-Davidson Offers product descriptions, accessories, links to dealers, and company history and profile.

MotorcycleUSA Superstore

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Banner 10000158

Mechanical Bank Related Links

Mechanical Bank Collectors of America - MBCA The MBCA is a non-profit organization consisting of over 450 members from the United States and several foreign countries. Organized in 1958, it is dedicated to expand the knowledge and availability of Antique Mechanical Banks.

PEZ Links

PEZ Candy Inc The official web site of PEZ Candy, Inc.

Star Trek Links

Star Trek: WWW The ULTIMATE resource for Star Trek info on the Internet. Every known Star Trek homepage is listed here, as well as Star Trek newsgroups and mailing-lists.


Star Wars Links | Your Daily Dose of Star Wars THE STAR WARS Website!

Teddy Bear Links

Teddy Bear Search engine The Teddy Bear Search Engine

Transformers Links

Transformers Armada  Main Hasbro Transformers Page

Toy Trucks and Cranes Links Contains lots of info on Tonka Toy Trucks



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