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Stereoscope Related Patent CD

A Unique gift for the collector of Stereoscopes.  

Stereoscope Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

Listed on the CD are over 500 patents with hyperlinked indexes.

Utility Patents that show the inner workings of how Stereoscopes are constructed.  

500+ Patents from 1860 to 1966

120+ Patents from 1853-1899

130+ Patents from 1900-1920

240+ Patents from 1921-1950

10+ Patents from 1951-1966  

Price: $20.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

Click Here to Order

Click Here to add International Shipping

Patents relating to theories of how they work are also on this CD. 

What a great companion to authenticate that antique Stereoscope in your collection.

Why pay $10.00 for each patent in other auctions when you can get the whole CD with 300+ patents for much less?

Sample Patent Titles:

Most Patents on this CD are Titled: "Stereoscope", however here are some interesting titles: Adjustable Pocket Stereoscope; Advertising Display; Air View Contour Finder; Album; Anaglyph Stereoscopy; Apparatus Employing Polarized Light for the Production of Stereoscopic Images; Apparatus for Displaying Pictures; Apparatus for Displaying Stereoscopic Views; Apparatus for Exhibiting Stereoscopic Pictures; Apparatus for Making Stereograms; Apparatus for making Stereoscopic Drawings; Apparatus for making Stereoscopic Parallax Panoramagrams; Apparatus for Manufacture of Stereograms; Apparatus for Observing Moving Pictures; Apparatus for obtaining photographs giving an impression of relief; Apparatus For Producing and Viewing Stereoscopic Photographs; Apparatus for Producing Orthostereoscopic Representations; Apparatus for Projecting Stereopictures; Apparatus for Stereoscopic Picture Recording, Reproducing and the like; Apparatus for Taking Pictures in Colors and Causing them to appear Stereoscopically; Apparatus for Taking, Reproducing, or Projecting Stereoscopic Cinematograph Pictures; Apparatus for the Production of Stereoscopic Pictures; Binocular Viewing Device for Stereophotogrammetric Instruments; Book for spacial observation of Stereoscopic Images; Camera; Card Exhibiting Device; Changeable Colored Picture; Cinematograph and Like Apparatus; Classifying Apparatus for Examining Stereoscopic or Panoramic Views; Coin Controlled Stereopticon; Collapsible Stereoscope; Color Print Viewable by Lights of Different Colors and Process of Making the same; Color Screen Device; Colored Screen for Stereoscopic Projections; Combination Stereoscopic Picture and Viewing Device; Combined Camera, Stereoscope, and Opera Glass; Combined Picture Exhibitor and Phonograph; Combined Stereoscope and Graphoscope; Combined Ticket Strip and Viewing Visor; Combining Reflected and Transmitted Light waves of Varying Lengths to Produce Subjective Changes in Scenic Effects; Composite Film for Receiving Stereoscopic Prints; Composite Picture with reflecting Back; Composite Plastic Sheet Comprising a Molecularly oriented polyvinyl alcohol layer and method of manufacture; Composite Plastic Sheet for use in the Formation of Light Polarizing images; Convertible Stereoscope; Device and Method for making Stereoscopic X-Ray Pictures; Device for Copying from Pairs of Photographs; Device for Mounting Pictures; Device for Projecting and Viewing Stereoscopic Pictures; Device for Reading Maps and Writings, Looking at Pictures and the like.; Device for taking stereoscopic pictures; Diachronic Stereoscopic Print with reflecting backing; Double Emulsion Film; Educational Device; Enlargement Charger for binocular viewing systems; Exhibiting Stereoscopic Pictures; Eye Exercising and testing Device; Field Mask for Stereoscopic Projection on Monocular Projector; Foldable Stereoscopic Device; Folding Graphoscope; Folding Handle for Stereoscopes; Folding Stereoscope; Graphoscope; Greeting Card; Hinge for Stereoscopic reflectors; Identification Badge; Illuminating Device for Transparent Pictures and Photographic Negatives; Improvement in Box Stereoscopes; Improvement in Revolving Stereoscopes; Improvement in Stereoscopes; Improvement in Stereoscopic Picture Cases; Inset tab; Instrument for Correcting Eyes; Instrument for Observing Stereoscopically Images; Kinetoscope Attachment for Stereoscopes; Knockdown Stereoscope; Lens and Lens Prism System; Lens Box for Stereopticons; Lens Capsule and Lens Mounting Assembly; Lens Holder; Lens Mount for Stereoscopic Effects; Lens Setting for Stereoscopes; Lens Stereoscope; Lenticular Picture Element with Reflecting Back Support; Light Polarizing Image and Method of Manufacture; Light Polarizing Viewer for use in connection with stereoscopic pictures; Magnifying and Viewing Device; Mailing And Advertising Card; Making Parallax Panoramagrams; Manufacture of Bicolored Spectacles; Means and Method for Cathode Ray Oscilloscope observation and Recordation; Means for Inspection by comparison with a series of 3-D Pictures; Means for Projecting Stereoscopic Images; Means for Regulating the Eyepieces of Stereoscopes; Means fort Forming Images; Method and Apparatus for Mounting Stereo Slides; Method and Apparatus for registering Negatives with Printing Surfaces; Method and Apparatus for Viewing Pictures in Stereoscopic Relief; Method and Means for Projecting pictures; Method and Stereoscopic Device for Reproducing objects; Method by which Pictures Projected upon Screens by Magic Lanterns are seen in relief; Method for Obtaining Increased Third Dimensional Viewing of Objects from a traveling Craft or Vehicle; Method for Stereoscopic Scanning of Pictures; Method of and Apparatus for Producing Images by television in stereoscopic relief; Method of Drawing and photographing Stereoscopic pictures in relief; Method of Forming Stereoscopically observable; Method of Making Irradiation Subdividing Screens; Method of Making Relief pictures and manner of viewing Same; Method Of Making Stereoscopic Film; Method of Making Stereoscopic Pictures; Method of Making Viewing Gratings for relief or Stereoscopic Pictures; Method of Manufacture of Stereograms; Method of Printing Stereoscopic Positives from inverted Relief Negatives; Method of Rontgenological Reproduction; Method of Testing Eyes; Microscope Tube; Monostereoscopic Vision; Motion Picture Apparatus; Motion Picture Stereoscopy; Mount for transparencies; Moving Stereoscopic Pictures; Multicolor Stereoscopic Device; Mutoscope; Optical Apparatus; Optical Beam Directing Device; Optical Device; Optical Image Device having Lenticular Elements; Optical Instrument; Optical System; Optical System and Means Used Therein; Optical System for Stereoscope; Optical System for taking Stereoscopic Photographs; Optical unit and Method of Projecting images to Obtain Stereoscopic relief; Oscillograph; Package; Panoramic Stereoscope and Stereograph; Parallax Stereogram ; Parallax Stereogram and Process of Making Same; Photochromoscopic Apparatus; Photogrammetic Stereoscope; Photographic and Projection System for Obtaining Stereoscopic Effects; Photographic Camera; Photographic Images of the type having striated reflecting backs; Photography; Photographic Viewers; Photostereoscopic Apparatus; Pictoral Reproduction; Picture Display Box; Picture Exhibiting Device; Picture Exhibitor; Picture Film Display machine; Picture for Stereoscopes and Similar Devices; Picture Holders for Stereoscopes; Plastic Sheet and Method of Manufacture; Polyscope; Process and Method of effective angular levitation of printed images and the resulting product; Process for Forming Light-Polarizing Images; Process for Removing Shadows from Stereoscopic Pictures; Process of and Apparatus for Stereoscopic Shadowgraphs; Process of Making Stereoscopic Pictures by instantaneous exposure; Production of Stereoscopic Images; Projecting Pictures in Stereoscopic Relief; Projection of Images for Viewing in Stereoscopic Relief; Projector for Stereoscopic Pictures; Radio Object Locating Device for Producing Stereoscopic images; Range Finder; Reflecting and Refracting Device for Stereoscopes; Reflecting Stereoscope; Refracting Stereoscope; Relief Photograph having reflecting backs; Revolving Stereoscope; Scenic Effect; Screen and grating for Stereoscopic Pictures; Souvenir post Card; Spectacle; Spring Clamp for Stereoscopes; Stand for Stereoscopes and Graphoscopes; Stereo Refractor Optical System; Stereo System; Stereo Trainer; Stereo Viewing Device; Stereocampimeter; Stereocinematography; Stereofluroscopic Apparatus; Stereograph; Stereo-Optic Instrument; Stereo-optical system; Stereophotogrammetric Measuring Device; Stereopticon; Stereoradioscope; Stereoscopic Attachment for Photographic Camera; Stereoscopic Book Device; Stereoscopic Camera and Viewing Device; Stereoscopic Case; Stereoscopic Color Image and Process of Making Same; Stereoscopic Daguerreotype Case; Stereoscopic Picture with Aplanat Focusing Element; Stereoscopic Print; Stereoscopic Projecting Apparatus; Stereoscopic Viewer; Stereoscopic Visualizers; Stereoscopic X-Ray Apparatus; Stereoscopy; Stereotelevision and Television Range Finding; System for Making and Projecting Stereo Films; System for Mounting Stereoscopic Views; Television Apparatus; Third Dimensional Pictures and Third Dimensional Portrayal of Anatomy and Surgery; Three Dimensional Adapter for Motion Picture Projectors; Topographical Stereoscope; Transparency Possessing Stereoscopic Relief and Method of Making it; Triple Slide Holder Device for Stereoscopic Slides; Two Color Stereoscopic Device; Universal Stereo Attachment for Projectors and Cameras; View Changer for Stereoscopes; View Exhibiting Apparatus; View Holder; View Outfit; Viewer; Viewing Instrument for Stereoscopic Pictures and the like; Visible Mechanism for Slot Machines; Visual Training Appliance; X-Ray Stereoscope; X-Ray Stereoscopic Means and Methods;

Sample Inventors:

Abrams ; Abrams et al. ; Adams; Allen et al. ; Anderson; Appelbaum; Armbrust ; Austin ; Avers et al.; Ayres et al. ; Baird; Balmitgere; Barnard; Barr et al. ; Bartow ; Bates; Bauersfield et al. ; Becker; Beckers; Beigel; Benford; Berger ; Berger ; Bernhard; Bernier ; Binda ; Bischoff ; Bishop; Bittinger; Boch; Boden; Bonnet ; Bonnett ; Borden; Bouwers et al.; Boykow ; Branson ; Brasseur; Bridge ; Briggs et al. ; Brock; Brost ; Brown ; Burgess; Burt; Cadwell; Caille; Caldwell; Caldwell et al. ; Cardoza; Carley ; Carnahan ; Carpenter ; Charlton; Chase; Cheron ; Chormann; Chubb ; Clark; Clark et al.; Clarke ; Clarke ; Cline; Cochran ; Colardeau et al.; Collins; Colwell ; Cook; Cornalba; Couden; Couden; Cregier ; Cremer; Cressler; Crocker et al. ; David; Dayton et al.; Decker ; Delens; Deninson ; Dennis ; Dickinson et al.; Dickson; Disney ; Dolph ; Domeshek; Dorr; Douglas ; Draper ; Duhaudron; DuMond ; DunLany et al. ; Duwe; Dvorine; Eastman; Edstrom; Eldrege et al.; Eliel; Engel; Fairall ; Fenn; Ferry ; Filmer; Folmer et al. ; Foote; Forman; Foutch; Frazer; Freedman ; French et al.; Fried; Frink ; Frost; Fugate; Gartner; Geisler; Girsdansky ; Glosser; Glover; Godwin ; Godwin ; Goldsmith ; Good ; Goodale; Gordon; Graef; Grant ; Graves; Gruber ; Guldbransen ; Hales; Hammar; Hammond ; Harilaos; Harlow ; Harris; Hattersley ; Haushherr; Hayashi ; Heilbrun; Hermann ; Herz ; Hess ; Hewson ; Hoermle ; Horn; Horton ; Hoyt ; Huber et al. ; Hugershoff ; Hulst ; Hyde; Ingersoll; Ives ; Jacobson ; Jacoby; Jeffery; Jenkins; Jennings; Jones ; Kanolt ; Karnes; Kaszab ; Keijzer; Kelley et al.; Kellner ; Kelly ; Kennedy ; Kent; Keyzer ; King et al. ; Kirkpatrick et al.; Klein et al.; Klinkum ; Knopping; Kober; Kober et al. ; Kohl; Kurtz ; Land; Land et al. ; Lateltin et al. ; Lee; Leeland; Leigh; Leishman ; Lemon ; Leonard ; Lewis; Lihotzky; Long ; Loyd; Lumiere ; Luscher; Luzzati ; Lyons; MacNeille et al. ; Macy ;  ; Maerz ; Mahler ; Mainardi et al. ; Mascher ; Mast ; Maxwell ; McClellan ; McClintlock et al.; McClure ; McCollum ; McDonald; McGrew ; Mendoza ; Meyer; Miller; Mills; Moniot et al.; Moore ; Moraz ; Morrison; Mossman; Murphy ; Mutscheller; Neuhaus; Neumueller et al. ; Newcomer ; Newman; Nichols ; Norling; Overhage ; Owen ; Owens ; Owens ; Page; Pagliughi; Pagliughi et al.; Pappenhagen; Parenti; Parkins; Paroselli ; Parsell ; Passmore; Pattberg; Pauchek ; Pease ; Perlin; Perry; Peterson ; Pictet et al. ; Pierce; Pistor et al. ; Plissner; Poser; Powell; Purvis; Quirolo; Ramsdell ; Rancoule ; Rawson; Reaves; Reichenbach; Reynolds ; Rice; Rice; Richard ; Richard et al.; Richardson et al. ; Richmond ; Rigby; Ritchie; Robles; Roche; Rochwite ; Roebuck; Rogers; Rosenbloom; Runcie ; Ruth ; Ryan et al.; Ryker ; Salow ; Samson et al.; Sauer ; Sauer et al. ; Schneck; Schwartz et al. ; Schwarz; Sealy et al.; Seely; Sherman ; Sherwood; Sibley; Sibley; Simonton; Singer ; Singley; Smith; Snook; Snook et al.; Southworth et al. ; Sparling ; Spitzer ; Stearns; Steinman ; Stern ; Steudel et al. ; Stevens ; Steward; Stockdale; Storrs; Sullivan; Taylor ; Terashima ; Tinker ; Todd; Tournier; Towne ; Trickell ; Tuttle; Tuttle ; Twiford; Van Benschoten; Van Blaricon et al.; Van Der Grinten; Van Wagner; Varian ; Verbeck ; Von Rohr; Wagner ; Wagner et al.; Waite; Walbridge; Walter ; Walton ; Wantz; Wappler ; Watts ; Wendling ; Wheeler et al.; White; White et al.; Whiting ; Whitner; Wiese; Wilcox et al.; Wildhaber; Williams; Wittel et al. ; Wood ; Woodward; Woody ; Worthington; Wright; Wyatt; Young; Young ; Zacsek et al.; Zimmer ; Zwald  

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies

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