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Harley-Davidson Related Patent Collection

Harley Davidson Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

Listed on the CD are over 350+ patents with a hyperlinked index. (by Issue Date and Company)  

Price: $18.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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Most patents are assigned to the Harley-Davidson Company, however there are some related patents form other companies. See Listing at bottom of this page.  

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Sample Patent Titles:

Fender and fuel tank covers for a motorcycle,Valve train load transfer device for use with hydraulic roller lifters,Method and apparatus for the simulation of the build up of the tread on a tire carcass,FENDER FLAIRING APPARATUS,ENGINE IGNITION TIMER WITH IMPROVED ADJUSTABLE PLATES,Transducer positioning system for ultrasonic tire testing apparatus,Motorcycle luggage carrier,Air cleaner base assembly with crankcase breather vents,Motorcycle fairing,Engine compensator,Motorcycle speedometer-tachometer,Rear turn signal rail,Clutch with a centrifugally applied ball ramp actuator,Cylinder head for four stroke internal combustion engine,Intake port,Motorcycle tail light,Motorcycle air cleaner cover,Brake and pulley assembly for a motorcycle,Motorcycle wheel hub,Motorcycle handgrip control,Motorcycle terminal box assembly,Light bar for motorcycle cargo carriers,Pedal,Transmission Gear,Oil-Distibuting Mechanism,Rivet Remover,Hub Bearing,Disk Clutch,Cycle Support,Pump,Motor Cycle Front Fork and Front Fork Assembly,Steering Damper,Motorcycle Protecting Guard,Motorcycle Saddle Structure,Instrument mount for Motorcycles,Radio Carrying Attachement for Bicycles and Motorcycles,Oil Tank and Battery Assembly,Bracing Guard for Motorcycles and Similar Two-Wheeled Vehicels,Piston,Balance Weight,Motorcycle Fender Construction,Motorcycle Front End unit,Motorcycle Rear Bumper Fender and Stand Assembly,Motorcycle Saddlebag,Method of Making Roller Bearing Cage,Luggage Carriers for Cycles,Twist Grip Bowden Wire Operator,Lightbar for motorcycle cargo carriers,Conveyor for transporting parts in a paint booth and drying and curing apparatus,Motorcycle wheel hub,Quick detachable motorcycle windshield,Motorcycle engine oil dipstick cover,Detachable luggage carrier,Detachable sissy bar,Saddle bag trim,Motorcycle luggage carrier

,Motorcycle throttle rolloff switch, charger,Engine ignition timing tool,Rocker arm assembly,Rear fender support for motorcycle,Removable adjustable pushrod,Universal valve lifter block and cap for motorcycle engines,Push rod gauge,Motorcyle apparatus,Breather valve, arrangement and method,Method of modifying motorcycle engine cam drive,Split intake manifold, structure, installation and method,Torque reactive tension mechanism and method,Engine ignition timing device,Brake Mechanism for motorcycles and the Like,Chrome Tanning,Bolt Loss Prevention Means,Transmission Indicator,INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES,AUXILIARY BACKREST,Orientable temperature indicator device,Five speed motorcycle transmission,Muffler,Method and apparatus for modifying the ignition system of multi-cylinder engines,Cylinder head oil distribution system for certain Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines,Ignition system,Rocker arm lifter assembly,Wear plate for a motorcycle,Storage box for motorcycles,Apparatus for locking a flywheel,Ornamental design for motorcycle,Pan cover for motorcycle,Sissy bar extension,Motorcycle fron motor mount,Motorcycle,Oil cooler for a motorcycle,Swing arm for a motorcycle,Motorcycle,Quick release mechanism for motorcycle saddlebag,Air horn assembly,Motorcycle rear wheel unit,Drive adapter for a generator/magneto,Caliper insert for motorcycles,Oil purging device,Method for disposing a brake for motorcycles having foot boards,Pair of six-gun handlebar riser clamps,Motorcycle suspension system,Motorcycle clutch lever cable cover,Motorcycle thermostat placement bracket assembly and method,Decorative accessory for motorcycle side bags,Decorative accessory for motorcycle side bags,Motorcycle oil pump,Method for disposing brakes for motorcycles having foot boards,Seat cushion system for motorcycles

MotorcycleUSA Cruiser Accessories

Sample Inventors/Companies:

Saskatchewan Inc.,Air Flow Research Heads, Inc.,AMF Inc.,Arlen Ness Enterprises, Inc.,Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,Belt Drives, LTD,Big Dog Motorcycles, L.L.C.,Budde; William A.,Buell Motorcycle Company,Chrome Specialties, Inc.,Custom Chrome, Inc.,D.L.S. Cycle Products, Inc.,D.S. Manufacturing, Inc.,Eaton Corporation,Edelbrock Corporation,Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company,GMA Engineering, Inc.,Harley-Davidson Motor Co.,HD Performance Products Inc.,Jamar Cycle, LLC,Kabushiki Kaisha Keihinseiki Seisakusho|Harley-Davidson, Inc.,KuryAkyn Holdings, Inc.,Natli Enterprises Pty, Ltd.,Panzer,Price; Ted L.|Garvey; Mike,Ram Pushrods, Inc.,Rivera Engineering, Inc.,Rudd; Thomas H.,S&S Cycle, Inc.,The Gates Rubber Company,

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 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies

Related Magazines: (hover mouse over picture to see a description)

Hot Bike is written for Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, and fulfills a unique niche in a vast marketplace, emphasizing the owner/rider's pride in and loyalty to America's only surviving motorcycle. Features include technical information, how-to articles, political updates, new pro

You don't have to look hard to know there's a lot of Harley magazines out there. But American Rider is the one magazine that's delivered what readers want since 1993. From complete and usable machine and after-market buyers guides to real-world applications of performance parts.

This magazine is edited for the young, affluent and educated motorcyclist and covers every aspect of street motorcycling including cruising, touring and commuting. It regularly features information about road tests, how-to articles, project-bike hop-ups, safety pieces and race coverage. In addition,

Rider magazine is written for experienced riders. It includes advanced technical tips, how to ride better and safer, recommendations on tested products and services, and everything else that made you a motorcycle rider in the first place.

Cycle News is a weekly motorcycle newspaper. Cycle News delivers latest news about National and International competition, personality profiles, new product reviews, and impressions of all new motorcycles. Every week we publish the sport's most relied upon events calendar and classified ads.

Each issue is packed from cover to cover with the most incredible customs on the streets. From long choppers to bobbers and everything in between, the bikes featured are the things fantasies are made of. Beyond the customs, Street Chopper has comprehensive tech articles to help readers build their own chopper and of course, all the newest parts and accessories! Motorcycle Cruiser features comprehensive road tests and comparisons of new models as well as features on the people, destinations and events that make riding a cruiser such a unique experience. Each issue also includes riding techniques, photo galleries, new accessories and apparel, how-to marketplace and tech guides and in-depth product comparisons. Hot Rod Bikes, the ultimate performance magazine for Harley-Davidson and American V-twin motorcycle enthusiasts, is packed with detailed articles that cover the latest performance and cosmetic modifications for both the novice and the expert owner. Complementing the detailed, step-by-step, technical package are comprehensive road tests, in-depth apparel and accessory evaluations, exciting event coverage and outstanding bike features.



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