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Model Railroad Patent Collection CD

 Model Railroad Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

Note: The Picture shown is just one of the hundreds of drawings and ideas contained on the CD. See title list below for a hint of what the CD contains.  

Price: $13.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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400 Patents and Patent Publications are Listed on the CD-ROM (in PDF Format) with hyperlinked indices.

Patents are a wonderful tool to see what the state of the art was in a particular field, and can be used for dating purposes.

Patents Dating From 2002 to 1896

The majority of patents are US Patents however there are some European Publications (some of which are in a foreign language (mostly German))but the drawings are still useful.

These Patents are useful for their drawings of mechanisms and components for scratch-building, repairs, or just general information. They can also be used to date a particular piece you may have in your collection. Track RR Truck designs through the ages, or build you own semaphore signal crossings with these novel (at the time) approaches.

Sample Patent Titles:

“MODEL TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEM”, “FOUR.WHEEL DRIVE TOY LOCOMOTIVE”, “TOY VEHICLE SWITCH TRACK”, “TOY VEHICLE TRACK COUPLING SUPPORT”, “DEVICE FOR SECURING RAILROAD TRACKS FOR TRAIN SETS”, “ITEM OF ROLLING STOCK FOR A MODEL RAILWAY”, “SWITCHING DEVICE FOR A TOY RAILWAY”, “TIPPING DEVICE FOR A TOY VEHICLE”, “TUNNEL-LIKE COVER FOR A CORRIDOR CONNECTION BETWEEN TWO COUPLED CARRIAGES OF A MINIATURE RAILWAY”, “REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR MODEL RAILROAD”, “TRACK WITH SUPPORT FOR MODEL RAILWAYS”, “TRACKS FOR ELECTRIC MODEL RAILWAYS”, “TRACK INSTALLATION FOR MODEL RAILWAYS”, “COUPLING DEVICE FOR SCALE MODELS OF RAILWAY CARS”, “CIRCUIT FOR SUPPLYING TRACTION CURRENT TO A MODEL RAILROAD”, “MODEL VEHICLE TRACK SECTION”, “FUMING METHOD”, “THE MODEL RAIL PRODUCED USING VARIOUS TYPES OF RAIL MATERIAL AND ITS PRODUCING METHOD”, “STEAM GENERATOR FOR STEAM-OPERATED MACHINES AND MODELS”, “METHOD FOR ORIGINAL-TRUE, REALITY-CLOSE AUTOMATIC OR SEMIAUTOMATIC CONTROL OF RAIL-GUIDED TOYS, ESPECIALLY MODEL RAILROADS AND TRAINS DRIVEN BY ELECTRIC MOTORS, ARRAY FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD, TRACK, TRACK PARTS OR TURNOUTS USED IN SAID METHOD”, “METHOD FOR ORIGINAL-TRUE, REALITY-CLOSE AUTOMATIC OR SEMIAUTOMATIC CONTROL OF RAIL-GUIDED TOYS, ESPECIALLY MODEL RAILROADS AND TRAINS DRIVEN BY ELECTRIC MOTORS, ARRAY FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD, TRACK, TRACK PARTS OR TURNOUTS USED IN SAID METHOD”, “DEVICE TO PRODUCE STEAM FOR MOBILE AND STATIONARY TOYS”, “Side steps for model railway car”, “Caboose”, “Toy locomotive front”, “Train car”, “Train engine”, “Toy train tender”, “Toy train engine”, “Toy train caboose”, “Toy train pump car”, “Toy railroad wagon”, “Toy locomotive”, “Toy railroad wagon”, “Combined monorail train and track toy”, “Toy locomotive”, “Toy railroad freight car”, “Toy railroad passenger car”, “Toy locomotive”, “Toy monorail vehicle”, “Locomotive toy”, “Toy locomotive or the like”, “Support for flower pot or the like”, “Toy Dump Car”, “Toy Signal and Train Stopping Device”, “Toy Railway Train Stop and Signal”, “Toy Train”, “Railway Signal”, “Toy Car”, “Model train control method”, “Software-driven motor and solenoid controller”, “Controller for a model toy train set”, “Toy car with adjustable magnetic adhesion”, “Model railroad electric tubular snap-together track”, “Power and impedance control methods for model railroads”, “Telescopic device at a train system”, “Model train coupler”, “Smoke generation system for model toy applications”, “Attached logic module technique for control and maintenance in a distributed and networked control system”, “Model train control system”, “Actuating device”, “Power transmission system with a stall prevention feature”, “Coupler for linking a coach with another coach in a minature train”, “Drive assembly for model train”, “Electrical model railway set”, “Ornamental track toy”, “Model railroad track assembly with actuator located within hollow track bed”, “Model railway train car with remote controlled laser”, “Toy train hopper car”, “Coupling device for model railway”, “Toy with musical staff track and moveable note tiles”, “Model train control system”, “Modular track segment for model railroad track and electrical accessory therefor”, “Modular model train circuit board arrangement”, “Vehicle for electric toy and model trains”, “Toy vehicle track coupling support”, “Model vehicle, particularly model railway vehicle”, “Adapter for carrying axled vehicles on model railroad flat cars”, “Magnetic toy vehicle and track”, “Model railroad car coupler”, “Model train set with storage means and variable track arrangement”, “Method and device to clean three rail model railroad tracks”, “Model train locomotive with doppler shifting of sound effects”, “Sound recording and reproduction system for model train using integrated digital command control”, “Method of assembling a model railroad truck”, “Toy vehicle switch track”, “Coupler arm assembly with distinct uncoupling devices”, “Magnetically actuated coupler assembly”, “Model monorail system”, “Track cleaning device for model railroad cars”, “Model railroad track alignment apparatus”, “Model railroad coupler”, “Device for securing railroad tracks for train sets”, “Magnetic coupling assembly for model railroad cars and coupling system therefor”, “Remote uncoupling mechanism”, “Command control for model railroading using AC track power signals for encoding pseudo-digital signals”, “Model railroad truck”, “Coupler adaptor for model railroad rolling stock”, “Combined Electric and Gravity Pleasure Railway”, “Switching device for a toy railway”, “Track systems for model railroads”, “Magnetic coupling device of a toy vehicle”, “Model railroad car position indicator”, “Electrically-operated moving body travelling on a rail capable of explaining free quadrants described in the mobius theorem”, “Model railroad coupler centering system”, “Axle for track-bound electrical toy vehicles, particularly railroad vehicles”, “Model railroad car coupler”, “Train detection device for railroad models and train crossing control apparatus utilizing the train detection device”, “Apparatus for uncoupling track-guided toy vehicles”, “Magnetically-actuated coupler for model railroad cars”, “Track bed simulating assembly for snap together model railroad tracks”, “Circuit arrangement for the busy indication of track sections of a model railway”, “Signaling techniques for DC track powered model railroads”, “Remote-controlled uncoupling for electric toy and model trains”, “Model train truck assembly”, “Apparatus and methods for realistic control of DC hobby motors and lamps”, “Coupler structure for model trains with centering cavity and surfaces”, “Ultrasonic wave nebulizer”, “Vehicle guidance track system”, “Digital sound reproducing system for toy trains with stored digitized sounds recalled upon trackside triggering”, “Toy station with simulated boarding passengers”, “Vehicle levitation and guidance system”, “Model train track for electrical model trains”, “Self-centering model railroad car truck assembly”, “Toy roller coaster apparatus”, “Trackway segment for toy vehicle trackway-system”, “Remote control apparatus for installation of electrical toy and circuit”, “Detachable interconnecting arrangement”, “Monorail train suspended from guideway”, “Model train track for electrical model trains”, “Toy vehicle assembly with video display capability”, “Connectable self-powdered mobile toy”, “Portable toy vehicle racing set”, “Claw coupling for toy and model trains”, “Track installation for model railways”, “Motorless toy vehicle and propelling track”, “Model locomotive truck mounting mechanism”, “Monorail train set”, “Coupling device for scale models of railway cars”, “Claw coupling for toy and model trains”, “Driving device for rail vehicles having friction and cog drives”, “Automatic coupling for model rail vehicles”, “Miniature electric track and train”, “Toy railroad able to change the toy traffic direction”, “Claw coupling for electric toy and model trains”, “Chair lift fitted with a passenger protective device”, “Crossing bell and flasher”, “Model train coupler”, “Educational toy with path creating tiles for a vehicle”, “Toy vehicle apparatus for weight pulling”, “Rideable motor-driven toy train”, “Motion producing mechanism”, “Guiding element for toy vehicles”, “Method producing steam-like fumes for toy engine”, “Model train crossing gate”, “Toy train”, “Toy roadway system”, “Magnetically-automated uncoupling system for model railroads”, “Model locomotive suspension system”, “Model steam locomotives”, “Model locomotives”, “Curvable track for model railroads”, “Spin tower station for use with toy vehicle and trackway”, “Electrical connecting element for a toy railroad”, “Miniature railroad uncoupling apparatus”, “Metallic joint for model railroad rails”, “Mobile educational toy”, “Toy vehicle and trackway”, “Model vehicle track section”, “Car uncouplers for model train tracks”, “Model track section”, “Model railway track”, “Coupler for toy and model railway cars”, “Self-powered toy vehicle chassis and automatically interchangeable bodies”, “Automatic switching system”, “Gravity actuated toy device”,  “Means for joining toy track sections”, “Connection device for toy vehicle tracks”, “Electrical connection device for a toy vehicle track”, “Trackway and powered vehicle with changeable covers”, “Toy vehicle track”, “Coupling for model vehicles”, “Toy railway system”, “Model track section”, “Model roadway track construction”, “Toy track section with electrical connector safety means”, “Toy vehicle and trackway”, “Model track section”, “Model railroad layout”, “Control tower and track toy assembly”, “Monorail train and track”, “Burner unit especially for toy steam engines”, “Model railway refrigerator cars”, “Means for supporting a toy craft”, “Protruding ladder steps for model railway boxcars”, “Model railway system providing uncoupling and delayed recoupling”, “Coupling apparatus”, “Coupling-uncoupling means using a lever operated by an axle-mounted disc”, “Toy vehicle turntable”, “COUPLING DEVICES FOR TOY VEHICLES”, “MODEL RAILWAY COUPLER SYSTEMS ADAPTED FOR MAGNETIC UNCOUPLING”, “MODEL TRAIN SOUND SIMULATOR”, “ONE-PIECE COUPLING UNIT FOR MODEL RAILROADS”, “CAR COUPLING MEANS WITH MEANS FOR TRANSMITTING PUSH-PULL STRAINS TO THE CAR BODY”, “DEVICE FOR RETAINING RAILS OF MINIATURE TRAINS”, “MODEL RAIL STRUCTURE WITH REDUCED ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE RADIATION FOR ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN TOYS”, “TOY RAILROAD VEHICLE AND SWITCHING SECTION”, “TRACK DEVICE FOR TOY VEHICLE”, “MODEL RAILWAY SWITCH ASSEMBLY”, “TRACKED VEHICLE TOY”, “FLEXIBLE TRACK FOR MINIATURE ELECTRIC TRAINS”, “VARIABLE TRACK FOR A TOY VEHICLE”, “MODEL RAILROAD ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE SOUND SYSTEM”, “AUTOMATIC COUPLING FOR ROLLING STOCK OF MINIATURE RAILWAYS”, “ELECTROMAGNETIC UNCOUPLER FOR MODEL TRAINS”, “TRACK ASSEMBLY FOR TOY AND MODEL RAILROADS”, “DYNAMIC MOBIUS BAND”, “TRACK FOR MODEL VEHICLES”, “VEHICLE TRACK FOR USE IN TOY BUILDING KITS”, “MOUNTING OF A CLUTCH MEMBER AT THE END OF TOY AND MODEL VEHICLES”, “TOY CAR WITH COIL TRACK THEREFOR”, “TOY INCLUDING A TRACK FOR TOY CARS”, “MODEL RAILWAY TRACK”, “COUPLING FOR TOY AND MODEL RAILROADS”, “DRAFT GEAR ARRANGEMENT FOR MINIATURE RAILWAY ROLLING STOCK”, “TOY TRACK CONSTRUCTION”, “TOY LAYOUTS FOR MODEL AIRCRAFT AND OTHER TOYS”, “TRACK ASSEMBLY FOR TOY VEHICLES”, “RAIL CONSTRUCTION FOR TOY RAIL VEHICLES”, “PORTABLE TOY TRAIN TRACK”, “CURRENT FEEDING RAIL ELEMENT FOR ELECTRIFIED TOY RAILWAY TRACKS”, “CONNECTOR FOR MODEL VEHICLE TRACKS”, “TOY STRUCTURAL SUPPORT SYSTEM AND BUILDING ELEMENTS THEREFORE”, “MODEL RAILWAY SWITCH ASSEMBLY”, “MANUFACTURE OF TRACKS FOR ELECTRIC TOY RAILWAYS”, “TRUCK AND COUPLER APPARATUS”, “TOY VEHICLE,ESPECIALLY RAILWAY TOY VEHICLE”, “ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE FOR TOY AND MODEL RAILROADS”, “MODEL CAR AND TRACK SYSTEM”, “SOUND SYSTEM FOR MODEL RAILROAD”, “MODEL RAILWAY SYSTEMS”, “TOY VEHICLE TRACK SET”, “SELF-ACTUATING BRAKE”, “COUPLING FOR VEHICLES OF TOY AND MODEL RAILROADS”, “MODEL-RAILROAD TRUCK ASSEMBLY”, “Toy Vehicle Having Variable Drive Means and pliable Track”, “Toy Dumpinc Mechanism”, “Driving Arrangement for Electrical Toy Train”, “Motive Power unit for Model Railroad and the Like”, “Semaphore for Electric Toy Trains”, “Toy Railway Dump Car and Actuator”, “Resiliently Deformable Model Railway Truck Assembly”, “Toy Railway truck”, “Toy Atomic Waste Disposal Car”, “Toy Train Construction”, “Truck Construction For Model Locomotive”, “Railroad Car Bed”, “Plastic Truck”, “Toy Dump Vehicle”, “Door Construction for Toy Car Roofs and the like”, “Toy Railroad Signals”, “Toy Electric Locomotives”, “Signal Devices”, “Toy Railroads”, “Miniature Powered Vehicle”, “Model Railways”, “Toy Railroad Train and Track”, “Unloading Toy Cars”, “Toy Railroad Accessories for Simulating The Unloading of Rail Cars”, “Model Locomotive”, “Toy Railway Auxilliary”, “Current Collecting Means for Toy Vehicles”, “Toy Railway”, “Toy Locomotive”, “Toy Railroad Dump Car”, “Toy and Model Railway Car Truck”, “Model Train Novelty”, “Toy Railroad Car Truck”, “Model Railway Signal”, “Toy Highway Traffic Signal Light”, “Load Catapulting Toy Railway Car”, “Toy Vehicle”, “Unloading Toy Vehicle and Operating Device for the same”, “Toy Vehicle”, “Model Railway Truck”, “Self-Unolading Toy Vehicle”, “Signaling Device”, “Dump Car for Toy Railroads”, “Horizontally Floating Car Coupler”, “Accessory Control Circuits for Toy Electric Railroads and Apparatus Therefore”, “Toy Dump Car”, “Toy Raqilway Rolling Stock”, “Toy Dump Car”, “Truck Assembly for Modle Railway Cars”, “Toy Train”, “Articulated Toy Train”, “Toy Railway”, “Railway Rolling Stock”, “Signaling Device”, “Truck Bolster for Model Railways”, “Toy Stream Lined Railraod Train”, “Model train control system”, “Mobile carriage”, “Inverted pivot”, “Digital multi-train control with bi-directional data transmission in model railways”, “Toy Railway”, “Toy Railway Aparatus”, “Toy Train”, “Toy Train”, “Semaphore and Track for Toy Railways”, “Toy Vehicle”, “Toy Electric Railway System”, “Equipment Controlling Unit”, “Pivotal Means for Toy Car Trucks”, “Toy Railway Signaling System”, “Truck for Toy Vehicles”, “Toy Electric -Railway Control Device”, “Toy Car-Truck Construction”, “Track for Toy Electric Railroad”, “Toy Electric Railway”, “Toy Electric Railway”, “Toy”, “Toy Lorry”, “Semaphore for Toy Railroads”, “Truck for Toy Railway Car”, “Toy Signal Tower”, “Electrically Operated Semaphore Toy”, “Toy Electric Railway”, “Railway Shower Car”, “Stop Device for Electric Railway Trains”, “Railroad Crossing Signal”, “Toy Railroad”, “Toy Railway”, “Toy Construction”, “Truck”, “MODEL TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEM”, “SMOKE GENERATION IN STEAM MODELS.”, “MODEL RAILWAY LAYOUTS”, “TOY WITH REMOTE CONTROL TRACK SWITCHING”, “DEVICE FOR LIFTING MODEL RAILWAY VEHICLES”, “IMPROVEMENTS IN MODEL TRAIN SYSTEMS”, “ROUTE SETTING FOR MODEL TRAINS”, “Connector for model tracks, preferably model railways”, “Illumination system, building kit for a supporting system and supporting system for the interior illumination of model buildings”, “Riser device for creating an elevated structure for artificial landscapes”, “Riser device for creating an elevated structure for artificial landscapes”, “Uncoupling ramp with integrated drive”, “Track systems for model railroads”, “Building element for the construction of a model arrangement as well as model arrangement with such a line layout”, “Proximity selection in model railroading”, “Proximity selection in model railroading”, “Proximity selection in model railroading”, “Axle for electric toy rail vehicles, especially railway vehicles”, “Axle for electric toy rail vehicles, especially railway vehicles”, “Uncoupling system for railway toy vehicle”, “Vehicle for electric toy or model railways”, “Remote controlled coupling for model railways”, “Remote controlled coupling for model railways”, “Track-cleaning locomotive”, “Track-cleaning locomotive”, “Track-cleaning locomotive”, “System for introducing and storing of a model railway train”, “An optional device for toys comprising at least a moving element”, “Coupling device for toy vehicles”, “Process and circuit arrangement to identify a model railway locomotive”, “Process and circuit arrangement to identify a model railway locomotive”, “Process and circuit arrangement to identify a model railway locomotive”, “Remote control device for an electric model railway installation”, “Coupling for miniature model railway lines”, “Coupling for miniature model railway lines”, “Track sections for model railways and the like”, “Track jointer”, “Track jointer”, “Claw connection for toy and model railways”, “Toy railway vehicle”, “Toy railway vehicle”, “Toy railway vehicle”, “Spreadable coupler for toy and model trackways”, “Vehicle”, “Apparatus and corresponding elecric circuits, especially for electric twin-rail direct-current model trains to power the rolling stock on a particular layout of the line without polarity problems”, “A device for the manufacture of natural looking model railway tracks”, “Device for influencing electromagnetic devices”, “Electric rerailer”, “Modular control panel for miniature-railway switches”, “Small-gauge model railway track”, “Coupling device for model railway vehicles of any kind”, “METHOD OF PRODUCING FUMES IN MODEL APPARATUS”, “FUMING METHOD”, “Model vehicle track section”, “Apparatus for supply and control of several electrically driven model vehicles”, “Method for the simultaneous transmission of digital information and electric power to model electric vehicles on a circuit”, “Flexible track section for model railways as well as method and mould for manufacturing it”, “Device for the simultaneous control of several electrically powered model vehicles running on one circuit only”, “Device for the simultaneous control of several electrically powered model vehicles running on one circuit only”, “Control device for regulation transformers employed especially in electrictoy- or model railways”, “Regulation transformer for electric toy railways”, “Model railway control system”

Sample Inventors/Companies:

* STEAMLINES MODELS & PUBLICATIONS LIMITED * TOMY COMPANY LTD. AC Gilbert Company Accurail, Inc. Accurail, Inc. Aktiebolaget Alga American Flyer Mfg Corp American Minature Railway Co. ATLAS TOOL CO., INC. Atlas Tool Company Bachmann Industries, Inc. Barclay Precision Toys Inc. Benson Toy Mfg. Co. Berg, Bernd Black Bear Construction Company, Inc. BOENIGER, Walter BORJE PER UNO HELLSUND BRAAK GERLOF DE Brawa Artur Braun Modellspielwarenfabrik GmbH + Co. Brio AB CHENG R Cheng, Richard C. M. Clover Toys, Inc. Dart Industries Inc. DAVID SILVESTER * LANE Doehler, Peter, Dipl.-Kfm. DONALD C. LEMKE EBERHARD SEUTHE ERASMUS di GIUSEPPE DE BENEDITTIS Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk Follis, Carlo Filippo Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Gebr. Faller GmbH Fabrik feiner Modellspielwaren GEBR. FLEISCHMANN GEBRUDER EINFALT BLECHSPIELWARENFABRIK Geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG Georg Utz AG Goddin, Lynne|Goddin, Derek Joseph Harry Goldfarb; Adolph E. Gordon Barlow Design HAMILTON, Michael, S. Heinz Rossler Hoi Yuen Manufacturing Company Limited Horvath, Benno Ideal Toy Corporation Interlego A.G. Ives Mfg. Corp. Jomo Jigs AB Jouef Industries S.A. Kadee Metal Products Co. Kadee Quality Products, Inc. KAM Industries KATZER, Matthew, A. KAWADA CO. LTD. L.I.M.A. S.P.A. Learning Curve International, Inc. Lehmann; Ernst Paul Lellinger; David B. Life-Like Products, Inc. LIMA S.p.A. Lindberg Link Group International Lionel Corporation Lionel Trains, Inc. Louis Marx & Co., Inc. M.T.H. Electric Trains Mantua Metal Products Co., Inc. Marvin Glass & Associates Mattel MAX ERNST MICHAEL N. * FAARUP Micro Metalsmiths Limited Mike's Train House, Inc. Miller Electronics Miura, Fukushiro New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd. NIEHOFF, Jörg Okuma Seisakusho Co. Ltd. Osment Models, Inc. Pacific Fast Mail PAUL A. ZAMARRA Peerless Industries Inc. Playart Limited POET ROBERT THURLBECK Pollyflame International B.V. Pritchard, Sydney Charles QSIndustries, Inc. REGINALD E. IRELAND REINER, Gerhard Remco Industries, Inc. Ribu-Modellbau Handelsgesellschaft mbH Rivarossi S.p.A. ROGER H. FEIKEMA Römuss, Ralph Rosbro Plastics Corp RÖSSLER, Elfriede RÖSSLER, Elfriede|BRATOVZ, Matjaz Rovex Limited SAID Fischer, by said Mutz and Killgus SANDPIPER COMPUTER & MODEL SERVICES LIMITED SANDPIPER COMPUTER & MODEL SERVICES LIMITED SANDPIPER COMPUTER & MODEL SERVICES LIMITED Sankei Kabushiki Kaisha Scale-Models, Inc. SCHMEISSER, Franz SCHULLER, Wolfgang SEO, Bum, Rang Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Spacesaver Corporation STS Racing GmbH Studio Eluceo Ltd.|Jya Cheng Enterprise Co. Ltd. Takara Co., Ltd. TAMURA, Muneo TDK Corporation The Quaker Oats Company The Raymond Lee Organization, Inc. Tomy Kogyo Co., Ltd. Toybox Corporation Toytown Corporation Train Products, Inc. Tyco Industries, Inc. VDO Adolf Schindling AG Walter E. Heller & Company Wonders, Inc. ZELLE, Jill, J., T.

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies

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