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Golf Ball Related Patent CD

Golf Ball Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

Design Patents as well as Utility Patents that show the inner workings of how golf balls are constructed. Patents relating to materials used in golf balls are also included. Also are related novelty items in the form of golf balls.  

Patents from 1887 to 2002

70+ Patents from 1897-1930

45+ Patents from 1931-1960

110+ Patents from 1961-1990

625+ Patents from 1991-2002  

U.S. Open Pro Shop

Price: $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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Listed on the CD are over 800 patents with hyperlinked indexes. (by Issue Date and Company)

Many patents are assigned to the famous Ball Makers like Acushnet,  Spalding and Wilson, however there are many related patents from other companies. See Listing at bottom of this page.

You can read about how the different theories related to golf ball performance evolved!!!

400+ Megabytes of Patents

Patents are a wonderful tool to see what the current state of the art is in a particular field. They can also be used to date Antique Golf Balls.

Sample Patent Titles:

Most Patents are Titled: “Golf Ball”, however here are some interesting titles on the CD:


Abrasion resistant urethane topcoat;  Action toy;  Aerodynamic pattern for a golf ball;  Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball;  Apparatus for preparing ultra-pure nitrogen;  Coated golf ball;  Coating composition for golf ball and golf ball using the same;  COATING MATERIAL FOR GOLF BALL AND GOLF BALL COATED WITH THE SAME;  Coating material for golf ball and golf ball coated with the same;  Combination golf club with an insert and golf ball;  Combination Shoe Brush & Dirt Pick;  Combined bench and table unit;  Combined edible cone and ice cream therefor;  Composite iron golf club;  Composition for a cover of a golf ball;  Composition for Covering Golf Balls;  Composition of Matter for Covering Golf Balls;  Compositions for forming golf balls containing oxa acids;  Compositions useful for forming the layers of a golf ball and method of making same;  Compressed gas powered putter;  Container for storing small objects;  Covering material composition for golf ball and process for producing the same;  Decorative golf ball;  Device for Rejuvinating Golf Balls;  Dimple arrangement of a golf ball;  Dimpled golf ball and dimple distributing method;  Diol blends and methods for making and using the same;  Distance multi-layer golf ball;  Dual cores for golf balls;  Dual curable coating;  Elastic core golf ball;  Elastomeric compositions and methods for making same;  Elastomeric compositions and multi-layer golf balls prepared with rigid uncrosslinked shells;  Figure Toy;  Floating golf ball;  Flourinated polyurethane coated golf balls;  Fluid or liquid filled non-wound golf ball;  Fluid or liquid filled non-wound golf ball;  Four piece solid golf ball;  Golf ball and a method for controlling the spin rate of same;  Golf ball and dimple pattern forming process;  Golf ball and mold therefor;  Golf ball and mold therefor;  Golf ball and putter alignment combination;  

Golf Ball Water Globe
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Golf ball apparatus and method for manufacture;  Golf Ball Cleaning Device;  Golf ball clear coating with optical brighteners;  Golf ball coated with polyurethane or epoxy resin paint;  Golf ball coating composition;  Golf ball coating composition and coated golf ball;  Golf Ball Coating Device;  Golf ball composition comprising high acid and VLMI ionomers;  Golf ball cores formed from blends of neodymium and cobalt synthesized high molecular weight butadiene rubber;  Golf ball cores with improved durability;  Golf Ball Cover;  Golf ball cover;  Golf Ball Cover Blank Construction;  Golf ball cover composition containing oxa acids;  Golf ball cover compositions and method of making same;  Golf ball cover compositions containing high levels of metal stearates;  Golf ball cover formed from blend of ionomer, acid copolymer and ethylene-propylene rubber, and method of making same;  Golf ball dimple;  Golf ball dimple configuration process;  Golf ball dimple construction;  Golf ball dimple patterns;  Golf ball dimple structures with vortex generators;  Golf ball dimples with curvature continuity;  Golf ball forming compositions comprising polyamid Golf ball having a core which includes polyurethane rubber;  Golf ball having a cover with variable characteristics;  Golf ball having a polyurethane cover;  Golf ball having a tubular lattice pattern;  Golf ball having annular dimples;  Golf ball having circular groups of tear dropped dimples;  Golf ball having coated surface layer of polyurethane;  Golf ball having densely arranged dimples;  Golf ball having elongated dimples and method for making the same;  Golf ball having improved heat resistance;  Golf ball having improved symmetry;  Golf Ball Holder;  Golf ball immersion indicator;  GOLF BALL INCLUDING STANCE DIAGRAM;  Golf ball interior component having a plurality of protuberances;  Golf Ball Mold;  Golf ball mold and golf ball;  Golf Ball or Similar Article;  Golf Ball or the Like;  Golf Ball or the Like;  Golf Ball or the Like;  Golf Ball or the Like;  Golf ball selection device;  Golf ball structured primarily for putting;  Golf ball utilizing silicone materials;  Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same;  Golf ball with a cover which includes polyurethane rubber;  Golf ball with a multi-layered cover;  Golf ball with an aerodynamic surface on a polyurethane cover;  Golf ball with clear cover;  Golf ball with contoured dimples;  Golf ball with contoured dimples;  Golf ball with contoured-shaped pattern;  Golf ball with core and surrounding cover;  Golf ball with defined coating layer;  Golf ball with double stripe and disc pattern;  Golf ball with double stripe pattern;  Golf ball with elevated dimple portions;  Golf ball with elliptical cross-section dimples;  Golf ball with grooved dimples;  Golf ball with hard thin cover;  Golf ball with high coefficient of restitution;  Golf ball with improved cover;  Golf ball with ionomeric cover and method of making same;  Golf ball with ionomeric cover and method of making same;  Method for making like-new golf balls from reclaimed golf balls;  Method for manufacturing a golf ball mold;  Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball;  Method for producing golf balls;  Method for Rejuvinating Golf Balls;  Method of coating a game ball with a solvent-based polyurethane cured with catalyst;  Method of coating a golf ball;  Method of Covering Golf Balls;  Method of discriminating kinds of golf balls;  Method of finishing a golf ball or the like;  Method of image processing of paint dots on golf balls;  Method of improving impact resistance in golf ball core formulations;  Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of cover for game ball;  Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball;  Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball;  Method of in-mold coating golf balls;  Method of Making Balls;  Method of making golf balls;  Method of measuring hardness of flexible thread-wound golf balls or inner cores thereof;  Method of restoring used golf ball;  Method of Toughening Golf Ball Covers;  Method of transferring a sublimable dyestuff art image onto the curved outer surface of a billiard ball;  Methods of Coveirng Golf Balls;  Modified-ionomers having improved properties and processability;  MOLDABLE COMPOSITIONS BASED ON TRANS-1,4-POLYMERS OF ISOPRENE;  Molded seamless golf ball;  Molds for forming golf balls;  Multi-layer golf ball and method of making same;  Multi-layer golf ball and method of making same;  Multi-layer golf ball containing nylon and method of making same;  Multilayer golf ball having projections on the surface or its inner cover;  Multilayer golf ball with a thin thermoset outer layer;  Multilayer golf ball with filled inner layer having dual core, liquid core, or wound core;  Multi-layer ionomeric golf ball containing filler and method of making same;  Multi-layer ionomeric golf ball containing filler and method of the same;  Multi-layer low-spin golf ball;  Optical brighteners in golf ball covers;  Package and Mehtod of Producing Same;  Painted golf ball;  PAINTED GOLF BALL METHOD AND STRUCTURE;  Parachute Golf Ball;  Perimeter weighted golf ball with visible weighting;  Phyllotaxis-based dimple patterns;  Playground;  Preparation of golf balls;  PROCESS FOR CURING GOLF BALL COVER STOCK CONTAINING A THIO AMINE ACCELERATOR BY TREATMENT WITH HYDROGEN HALIDE;  Progressive depth oblong dimples;  Projectile having a matrix of cavities on its surface;  Putting golf ball;  Quick-cure game ball coating system;  Rattle;  Reclaimed golf-ball and a process for producing the same;  Reduced flight golfball;  Reduced spin golf ball;  Resin composition;  Restricted flight golf ball;  Rubber composition for golf ball and golf ball produced using the same;  Rubber Compositions;  Rubber Product;  Set of golf balls;  Shell Balnk for Playing Balls;  Short distance golf ball;  Short golf course and golf ball;  Shuttlecock golf ball;  Slidable Golf Ball for Putting Practice;  Spin determination for a rotating object;  Sport novelty device;  Sporting ball;  Swing training golf ball;  Swing training golf ball;  Swing training golf ball for training a plurality of swings;  Tabletop golf ball novelty;  Tetrahedral dimple pattern golf ball;  Thermoplastic elastomer composition, process for producing the same and golf ball using the same for cover;  Thermoplastic polyether urethane;  Thermoplastic polymer cover for golf balls and golf balls comprising such a cover;  Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity;  Thread-wound golf balls;  Thread-wound golf balls and their production process;  Three parting line quadrilateral golf ball dimple pattern;  Three piece golf ball;  Three piece golf ball with a spherical metal center;  Three-piece wound golf ball; 


Sample Inventors/Companies:

  Accufar Golf Co., Ltd.;  Acushnet Company;  American Ball Manufacturing Corporation;  Athletic Training Equipment Company;  ATO Chimie;  Ben Hogan Co.;  Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd;  Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corportion;  Bullet Golf Ball, Inc.;  Callaway Golf Company;  Cashew Co., Ltd.;  Command Automation, Inc.;  Daijy Corporation;  Dong Sung Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.;  Drawball, Inc.;  Dunlop;  Dunlop Maxfli Sports Corp.;  Dunlop Slazenger Corporation;  E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company;  E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company;  E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company;  Geo Golf International PTE Ltd.;  Guardsman Products, Inc.;  Hansberger Precision Golf Incorporated;  Heubg-Ah Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.;  Holley Plastics Company;  Ilya Co., Ltd.;  Indspec Chemical Corporation;  Kabushiki Kaisha Showa Ink Kogyosho;  Kametani Sangyo Kabushiki Kaisha;  Karsten Manufacturing Corporation;  Kasco Corporation;  Kumho & Company, Inc.;  Kuraray Co., Ltd.;  Laid Back Enterprises, Inc.;  Leisure Incorporated;  Lilly Industries, Inc.;  Lisco, Inc.;  MacGregor Golf Company;  Maruman Golf Co., Ltd.;  Nakagawa; Noritoshi;  NAKAHARA AKIHIRO;  Neworld Ice Cream Corporation;  NSK Ltd.;  Performance Dynamics, LLC.;  POLYMER CORP. LTD.;  PPG Industries, Inc.;  PureSpin Golf Company, Inc.;  Ram Golf Corporation;  Salomon S.A.;  Spalding Sports Worldside, Inc.;  Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.;  Tamapak Co., Ltd.;  Taylor (inventor);  Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.;  The B.F. Goodrich Company;  The DistanceCaddy Company, LLC;  The Procter & Gamble Company;  The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.;  Tohpe Corporation;  Tomy Kogyo Co., Inc.;  Uniroyal, Inc.;  Wilson Sporting Goods Co.;  Woohak Leispia Inc.;  WPI Acquisition Corporation; 

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies


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