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Mechanical Toy Bank Related Patent CD

A Unique gift for the collector of Cast Iron Still and Mechanical Banks.

Cast Iron Mechanical Bank Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)


400+ Patents from 1867 to 2002

110+ Patents from 1867-1899

40+ Patents from 1900-1920

60+ Patents from 1921-1950

160+ Patents from 1951-2002

Price: $20.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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Listed on the CD are over 400 patents with hyperlinked indexes.

Utility Patents that show the inner workings of how these Toy Banks are constructed.

Patents relating to theories of how they work are also on this CD

What a great companion to authenticate that antique Mechanical Bank in your collection.

Sample Patent Titles:

Most Patents on this CD are Titled: “Bank”, however here are some interesting titles:

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; Action Toy Savings bank; Actuated Elephant Bank; Advertising Device; Animated coin sorting bank; Audible coin bank; Automatic Toy Savings Bank; Bank Doll and the Like; Basketball coin bank; Budgetary savings bank; Can Bank; Child's educational monetary game apparatus; Child's Money Bank or Box; Coin Actuated Calendar Bank; Coin Actuated Recording Bank; COIN BANK AND METHOD OF CLASSIFYING COINS; Coin receptacle; Coin receptacle; COIN RETURN AMUSEMENT DEVICE; Coin Shooting Machine; Coin slot for flip top can; Coin spinner and savings box with same; Coin-magic device; Combination Locking Bank; Combination Toy and Savings bank; Combination Toy Bank and Jack In the Box; Combination Toy Bank and Music Box; Combined Bank and Stand; Combined Bank, Coin Controlled gum Vendor and Game; Combined Clock and Savings Bank Device; Combined educational Device & Toy; Combined Figure Toy and Bank; Combined Toy and Savings Bank; Combined Toy and Savings Bank; Combined Toy bank and music Box; Combined Vending Machine & Amusement Device; Container for food products, particularly sweet products, usable as a money box; CONVERTIBLE ASH TRAY-BANK; Currency bank; Design for a Toy Savings Bank; Design for a Toy Savings Bank; Desk calendar; Discharge lamp arc tube and method of producing the same; DOLLAR SIGN BANK; Doll's Head; Drive-in teller coin bank; Educational savings apparatus and method; Electrical Toy and Device; Electrically Operated Coin Box Device; ELECTRICALLY OPERATED COIN BOX DEVICE; Electrically operated coin saving and security; Electro-Mehcnical Toy bank; Electronic apparatus for teaching mathematics; Encouragement Savings Bank; Exercising device with bank; Expandable bank; Expandable bank; Fatten-the-Pig Savings Bank; Finger Striking Amusement Device; Fit Together Spelling Block; Game; Game; Game Apparatus and Sample Exhibitor; GAME APPARATUS FOR SIMULATING AN AUTOMOBILE TRIP AND COMPRISING A COIN ACTUATED SIMULATED PARKING METER; Game apparatus utilizing controllable audio signals; Game Appratus; Game capable of collecting and then randomly dispensing objects; Game device; Gravity Feed Coin Bank; Improvement in Toy Toads; Incentive Savings Bank; Interactive funnel amusement device; Interest paying bank; Joint; Juvenile Savings Bank; Keyless Toy Bank; Labyrinth game; Liquid crystal display gaming apparatus equipped with a savings box; Locking Means for Boxes; Magic Clown Toy bank; Magnet equipped toy that changes posture; MANUALLY ACTUATED AND ELECTRICALLY OPERATED ROTATABLE DRUM CHANCE DEVICE AND SAVING BANK; Mechanical model and counter method and apparatus; Mechanical novelty; Mechanical slot machine; Mechnais, for deposting coins or other objects; Mechnical Toy Savings Bank; Mehcnical Dancing Dolls; Mehcnical Toy bank; Method of making a bonded helmet structure; Modular coin bank; Modular coin handling and sorting apparatus; Motivational savings bank set including token currency; Mule Bank; Novelty noisemaker and bank; Oil painting coin bank; Partitioned box with light reflective partition surface and window; Plush bank; PORTABLE COIN OPERATED BANK; Puzzle bank; Puzzle Bank toy; Puzzle Coin Bank; Quick opening and self-closing container for articles; Receptacle; Registering Savings Bank; Registering Toy Money Bank; Roulette savings box; Safe coin box; Safety Coin Receptacle; Santa Claus Bank; Savings box; Savings coin box with controllable music box; Self Playing Musical Toy Bank; Signaling Means for Toy banks and other purposes; Spring Gun; Stabilized Cartons; STUFFED DOLL AND COIN BANK; Talking contribution box; Target Release Actuatir for Toy Cash Registers; Telephone Savings Bank; Throw-trinket encasement; Tithing bank apparatus; title unavailable - see image; Toilet training apparatus and method; Toy Aeroplane Bank; Toy Bank Coin Depositing Mechnaims; Toy bank novelty device; Toy Bank Vault Construction; Toy bank with coin return; Toy bank with Indicator Means; Toy bank with novel coin discriminating mechanism; Toy bed and bank apparatus; Toy Car; TOY CASH REGISTER; Toy Clock bank; Toy coin changer; Toy disk operated mechanism; Toy Dog bank; Toy game bank; Toy gaming device; Toy Locomotive; Toy telephone; Toy Toad; TOY TOLL BOOTH; Toy Vending Machine Type Bank; Toy Watch & Coin Retainer; Toy-Bank; Toys; Trick Savings Bank; Vehicle bank with closure retained by vehicle mechanism portion; Vehicle Toy; Vending and Amusement Device; Vending Machine; Wishing well Game Device


Sample Inventors/Companies:

  ; Abell et al ; Allen ; Amet ; Anderson ; Archer ; Arco Industries Ltd.; Arco Industries Ltd.; Baggott ; Bailey  J&E Stevens Company; Balcke et al; Ball ; Balson ; Banthrico Inc.; Barnard ; Barnes ; Baum ; Beal ; Bee ; Behnken ; Berger ; Berger ; Bevington ; Bezack et al. ; Bigue 446 9 ; Birdsall ; Blanks ; Bowen ; Bowman ; Boynton ; Bringman; Brockett ; Brown ; Bruel ; BRUMBERGER CO. INC.; Buckley; BUDDY L CORP.; Buel ; Bull ; Butler ; Callen Manufacturing Corporation; Carter ; Chettle ; Chien; Church et al; CICHY H,US; Clark ; Clement ; Cola ; Colby ; Cooper ; Coventry ; Crandall ; Crosetti ; Dade et al. ; Damiano ; Davies ; DiCamillo ; Dieckmann ; Disser ; Divnick International, Inc.; DONALD B. POYNTER; Dunn ; Eberhardt et al. ; Eberhardt et al. ; Eddy ; Edelman ; Eschenbacher ; Fallows ; Fallows ; Farber ; Fatoule et al; Feigl ; Fenner ; Ferrero S.p.A.; Fey ; First National Piggy Bank, Ltd.; Fleisher ; Follis et al. ; Folta ; Frisbie ; Frisbie ; Frisbie ; Fuhrmann ; Full ; Fulton ; Gates ; Gaulke ; Gensmer ; Gerard ; Giclas ; Ginsberg ; Ginsberg ; Glass ; Glass et al. ; Goldsmith ; Goudie ; Gould ; Grannell ; Grauer ; Grow ; Hall ; Hansen ; Hardick ; Hart et al. ; Haydon et al. ; Heider ; Henn ; Hensel ; Hobs ; Hockey et al. ; Hoffmann ; Hoffmeister ; Holmes ; Holt ; Horde ; Hunter ; Hutchison ; Huyck et al. ; Imperial Toy Corporation; Intergraphics Design Inc.; Ives ; Jacobs ; Janiak ; Jenkins ; Johnson ; Joylite Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Kabushiki Kaisha Yoneya Gangu; Kahn ; Kaplan ; KENNETH B. VAN WOERT JR.; KENNETH B. VAN WOERT JR.; Kieselhorst ; Kimball ; Klemm et al. ; Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Kreiss ; Krone G.m.b.H.; Kulay Manufacturing Limited; Kurtz ; Kyser et al. ; Lampe; Langer et al. ; Laufer ; Lawrence Peska Associates, Inc.; Lawson, Jr., et al. ; Lawson, Sr. ; Leaf ; Lentz ; Lepper ; Lerner ; Levay et al. ; Licitis et al. ; Lockwood ; Lorenz ; Lotz ; Maage ; MacDonald ; MacLean Mag-Nif, Inc.; Manchester ; Martin ; MARTIN H. LEWIS; Marvin Glass & Associates; Marx ; Matalon ; Mattel, Inc.; Matthay ; McLoughlin ; Mellor ; Meyer/Glass Design; Moran ; Moran ; Morris ; Morrison ; Munroe ; Murray ; Neitz et al. ; Newman et al; Nichiten Shosan Kabushiki Kaisha; Norris ; Nottingham-Spirk Design Inc.; Olm et al. ; Ostlund ; Otto ; Oy Mk-Tuote AB; Peterson ; Pierce ; Pierce ; Plattner ; Playtronics Corporation; Porter ; Poynter ; Poznanski ; Prouty ; Pulver ; Queene ; Ralphco, Inc.; Randall et al. ; Reed ; Rex ; Reynolds ; RICHARD B. BAILEY; RLT Acquisition, Inc.; Roberts ; Robichaud ; Roffee ; Rosenbloom ; Rudolf ; Russell ; Schloerb ; Schmaus ; Schmitt ; Schnaufer ; Sellentine ; Serrell ; Shepard et al. ; Shintowa Industry, Co., Ltd.; Shook ; Shuster ; Siegel ; Singer ; Skinner ; Slater ; Sloan et al. ; Sloane ; Smith et al. ; Spillane ; Sports Products Corporation; Starkie et al; Stefanelli et al. ; Stewart ; Stiles ; Stoltz ; Storle ; Syfert ; Taff ; Tanny; Chaim T.; Tenyo Co., Ltd; The Raymond Lee Organization, Inc.; Thomas ; Thompson ; Thomson ; Tollner ; Tomy Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Tormey (invnetor); Toystalgia, Incorporated; Turnbull ; Ungemach ; Vlachos ; Wade ; Warmoth ; West ; Whalen ; Whitney ; Wickes ; Wiedemann ; Williams ; Willis et al. ; WOLVERINE TOY CO.; Wood ; Yoshie Ito; Zerbee ; Zimmerman et al; Zoeller

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies

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