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Transformers Related Patent Collection Not what you are looking for? Buy Toys and Books Here.

Autobot, Decepticon, and Transformers Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

Most patents assigned to: 
Takara Co., Ltd.
including the original Optimus Prime Patent, which was one of the earliest transformer patents.

Price: $18.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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A Unique gift for the collector of Transformers..

Listed on the CD are over 180 patents with hyperlinked indexes.

Design Patents as well as Utility Patents that show the inner workings of how transformer toys are constructed. Patents relating to theories of how they work are also on this CD.

 What a great companion to authenticate that transformer  in your collection.

Types of Transformers on this PATENT CD:


Follow the history of the development of the Transformers in the Patent Area. Filings show which transformers were patented first and also show the original design intent of the inventors. Some changes from the original patent filings are evident. Thus CD is a MUST HAVE for the true TRANSFORMER Fan. 

  Patents for the following Transformers by Name:

Some offers from our Partner at AMAZON:
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Abominus; Afterburner; Airraid; Apeface; Astrotrain; Autoceptor; Battletrap; Beachcomber; Beastbox; Blades; Blaster; Blastoff; Blitzwing; Blot; Bluestreak; Bonecrusher; Brainstorm; Brawl; Breakdown; Broadside; Browning; Bruticus; BWII spaceship/base; Camshaft; Chromedome; Cloudraker; Computron; Cosmos; Crankcase or Ruckus; Crosshairs; Cutthroat; Dead end; Defensor; Devestator; Diaclone Cosmo Roller; Diaclone Diabattles; Diaclone Diatrain; Dirge; Divebomb; Doublecross; Downshift; Dragstrip; Dreadwing; Eject; Fastlane; Fireflight; First Aid; Flywheels; Fortress Maximus; Gears; Grandslam; Grimlock; Groove; Grotesque; Guzzle; Hardhead; Headstrong; Highbrow; Hook; Hotspot; Hound; Hubcap; Hun Grr; Inferno; Ironhide; Jazz; Jetfire; Lazerbeak; Lightspeed; Long Haul; Menasor; Metroplex; Microman Acroyear; Microman Magnum; Microman Megaroid V; Microman Orb Hawk; Microman Orb Lion; Microman Orb robot; Mindwipe; Mirage; Misfire; Mixmaster; Motormaster; Nightbeat; Nosecone; Octane; Omitted Triple Changer; Onslaught; Optimus Prime; Outback; Overdrive; Overkill; Perceptor; Pipes; Pointblank; Pounce; Powerdasher car; Powerdasher drill; Powerdasher jet; Powerglide; Predaking; Punch/Counterpunch; Quickmix; Raindance; Ramhorn; Ramjet; Rampage; Ratbat; Ravage; Razorclaw; Repungas; Rippersnapper; Roadbuster (Dorvack Mugen Calibur); Rumble/Frenzy; Runasomething; Runatheotherone; Sandstorm; Scattershot; Scavenger; Scorpion watch; Scrapper; Seaspray; Shrapnel; Sideswipe; Silverbolt; Sinnertwin; Sixshot; Skullcruncher; Skydive; Slag; Slamdance; Slingshot; Sludge; Slugfest; Snapdragon; Snarl; Soundwave; Squakbox; Squalktalk; Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp; Steeljaw; Strafe; Streetwise; Sunstreaker; Superion; Sureshot; Swindle; Swoop; Tailgate; Tantrum; Throttlebot Chase; Throttlebot Freeway; Throttlebot Goldbug; Throttlebot Rollbar; Throttlebot Searchlight; Thrust; Topspin; Tracks; Trailbreaker; Triggerhappy; Trypticon; Ultra Magnus; Vortex; Warpath; Weirdwolf; Wheeljack; Wildrider; Wingspan;

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies


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