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Teddy Bear Related Patent CD  

A Unique gift for the collector of Teddy Bears.  

Teddy Bear Patent Drawings from the CD-ROM

(Just a Small Sample of Images on the CD. All Images on CD are 300 dpi)

What a great companion to authenticate that antique Teddy in your collection.

300+ Patents from 1909 to 2002

20+ Patents from 1909-1930

30+ Patents from 1931-1960

25+ Patents from 1961-1980

250+ Patents from 1981-2002  

This CD Contains Design Patents as well as Utility Patents (70+) that show the inner workings of how Teddy Bears are constructed. Patents relating to mechanisms inside of stuffed animals are also on this CD. Some are even flat patterns that may be sewn into full size stuffed animals. There are also Bear related hard toys, figurines, and items in the shape of or simulated to be Teddy Bears!!! etc.  

Price: $15.00 plus $2.00 S&H US Orders

International Orders: $5.00 additional Shipping per order for Global Priority Mail (4-6 Days) Please click on "PAYPAL Global Shipping" button to add International Shipping. (Orders outside United States)

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Listed on the CD are over 300 patents with hyperlinked indexes.

Many of the GUND from Swedlin original design patents, as well as the design patents for the CAREBEARS (15+ Patents one for each character) , assigned to American Greetings. Also contains design patent for Walter Lantz’s Andy Panda Patent. This CD Also contains Teddy Bear related patents from Mr. Gruelle, who created Raggety Ann.

Sample Patent Titles:

Need a Case for that Special Teddy?:

Click on Picture

Most Patents on this CD are Titled: “Teddy Bear”, however here are some interesting titles:Action doll; Action Pull Toy; Animal toy with alternately attachable hairpiece; Animated bear; Animated stuffed bear; Animated stuffed koala bear; Aromatherapy pillow in the form of a bear; Athletic bag or similar article; Baby Bath Sponge; Baby bottle; Baby walker's seat cover; Balloon stuffing system; Bashful bear; Bear-shaped shoelace or drawstring fastener; Bottle or the Like; Brooch; Bubble blowing bear; Candy Box; Chair; Character spinning top; Child calming toy with rythmic stimulation; Child proximity detector; Child survival and training apparatus; Christmas stocking; Combined bedtime toy and night light; Combined belt and bank for a baby; Combined night light and music box; Combined pen and toy; Combined plush animal handbag set; Combined soft-sculptural figure and blanket; Combined stuffed toy and transparent container therefor; Combined toy and baby bottle cover; Combined toy animal figure, book and holder therefor; Combined toy bear and box; Combined toy bear and cage charm; Compact manufacturing system for forming soft goods, mainly toys; Computer mouse; Conversing dolls; Convertible toy bear figure; Cookie Jar; Crib toy; Crochet toy animal; Cushion in an animal configuration; Decorative basket holding bear; Design for a Doll or Similar Article; Detachable child's toy; Eating toy with vocal response; Egg Shaped Toy; Emotional expression character; Female birth stone bear; Figure of a bear; Figure Toy; Figure with simulated heartbeat; Figurine of a koala bear; Figurine of a polar bear; Fishing lure; Flexible toy doll and clothes rack assembly; Frame joint of baby bed; Generic animal figure; Giant gummy bear; Grizzly bear brooch; Hand and wrist exerciser; Hand puppet; Holder for a baby bottle; Holder for infant feeding device; Honey bear doll; Hot/cold therapeutic compress; Housing for a wall mount telephone set; Huggable toy mechanism; Hugging mechanism; Humidifier for brown sugar; Hybrid bear-feline plush toy; Hybrid bear-lion plush toy; Hybrid bear-zebra plush toy; Identification tag; Infant Nursing Bottle; Inflatable koala bear figure; Inflatable plush toy; Interactive computer controlled doll; Jar for confectionery products; Kiddie dental holder; Koala bear figure; Learning toy for non-ambulatory children; Low cost balloon stuffing system; Male animal toy; Method of making stuffed figure with sculptured soft face; Moist towelette dispenser; Mountain lion figure; Movable bear sculpture; Musical entertainment doll; Mute for stringed instrument; Noisemaker toy figure; Nursing bottle or similar article; Ornamental child's pillow in the fanciful form of a bear; Panda bear shaped seat for playground apparatus; Paper Doll; Perforated animal figure toy; Pharmaceutical Tablet or Similar Article; Plaything usable as a crutch pad; Plush bank; Portable radio; Pull Toy or Similar Article; Remote recording device and method; Reversible plush toy; Rolling toy; Rug or similar article; Safety Pin Holder Animal Figure; School Symbol; Seatbelt attachable combined stuffed toy figure and keeper; Simulative tumbling toy; Small stuffed animal with identifying passport booklet; Snack food; Snifter Box or Similar Article; Soap bar; Soft animal toys; Soft baby doll; Soft sculpture bear; Soft toy containing sounding device; Stapler remover cover; Statuette; Stuffed toy; Stuffed toy and method for educating children with diabetes; Stuffed toy for educating children with diabetes; Stuffed toy with detachable appendages; Stuffed Winged Doll; Talking bear; Talking doll responsive to external signal; Therapeutic doll and method of operation; Therapeutic stuffed toy; Thread organizer; Toilet Preparation Holder; Toy figure and headset assembly; Toy figure with rump-actuated sound generator; Toy for educating about medical treatments; Toy for exhibiting medical procedures; Toy kit with stuffed animal-like figurine having a changeable appearance; Toy koala bear; Toy stuffed bear figure; Toy Walking Bear; Toy with staggering motion; Toy work bench; Toys and storage device; Transformable pillow; Vase; Video and radio controlled moving and talking device; Video based instructional and entertainment system using animated figure; Wall hung clothes hanger; Water toy; Water-pistol and animal figure assembly; Wrist-mounted toy bear head;


Sample Inventors/Companies:

Alchemy II, Inc.; Altschul; Randice Lisa; American Greetings Corporation; Animal Fair, Inc.; Apiladoi (inventor); Arrix (inventor); ATC Greeting Card Co.; Baker (inventor); Barnes; Edna L.; Barry; Timothy P.; Bedell; Richard Lund; Benson (inventor); BHT Holdings Limited; Bluewater Marketing Group, Inc.; Breen (inventor); Broyles (inventor); Cady (inventor); Campanell (inventor); Campbell (inventor); Carlisle Showers, Inc.; Cerise, LLC; Chapman et al. (inventor); Chrones (inventor); Coleco Industries, Inc.; Combi Co., Ltd.; Conboy (inventor); CPC International Inc.; Creature Comforts, Inc.; Crown Crafts, Inc.; Dart Industries Inc.; DCN Industries, Inc.; Deacon & Co. Ltd.; Dialene plc; Douglas et al. (inventor); Down Under Orphans Pty. Limited; Drayton (inventor); Eden (inventor); Elzaurdia et al. (inventor); Ferrero Ardennes S.A.; Fink (inventor); Fischer Price; Fowler (inventor); Frederick et al. (inventor); Game Time, Inc.; General Mills, Inc.; Gold Winny Electronics Ltd.; Graco Children's Products; Gruelle (inventor); Haedge (inventor); Handley (inventor); Harber Inc.; Harpignies (inventor); Harris Corporation; Hasbro Industries, Inc.; Herbal Animals, Inc.; Hestair Kiddicraft Limited; Hestair Kiddicraft Ltd.; Hewlett Electronics; Hollister (inventor); Holmes (inventor); Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd.; Hunter et al. (inventor); Interlego A.G.; Inventek, Inc.; John J. Madison Co. Inc.; John J. Madison Company, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Company; Kabushiki Kaisha Bandai; Kamar Incorporated; Karg (inventor); Kash 'N Gold Ltd.; Kitchen Connection, Inc.; KKH, Inc.; Klamer (inventor); Kolb (inventor); Kotter (inventor); Kusan, Inc.; Lance (inventor); Lewis; Ken; Link Group International; Louisiana Children's Museum; Mahar Manufacturing Corp.; Maloney (inventor); Marvin Glass & Associates; Mattel, Inc.; Meritus Industries, Inc.; Metro Private Investigations, Inc.; Michtom (inventor); Microsoft Corporation; Milaca Mills, Inc.; Milaknis GmbH; Morse (inventor); Myers (inventor); Nakashou Giken Limited Company; OTWP, Inc.; PI Bear Co., Inc.; Pilot Ink Co., Ltd.; Pioneer Industrial Corporation; Pragmatic Designs, Inc.; Questor Corp.; Quinby (inventor); Reed (inventor); Reiner; Lawrence L.; RWL Millennium LLC; Schway, Jr. (inventor); Scott et al. (inventor); Sigikid H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH; Smith Engineering; Spielwarenfabrik; Starnes (inventor); Stone et al. (inventor); Sugar Bears Inc.; Swedlin (inventor); Swetland (inventor); Syndicated Amusements Limited; Szrajer (inventor); Tagums, Inc.; The Bibb Company; The Dexter-Portfolio Co.; The Pampered Chef, Ltd.; The Patmar Corporation; The Plush Factory Inc.; The Quaker Oats Company; The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Inc.; Thomas (inventor); Those Characters From Cleveland; Today's Kids, Inc.; Tomaszewski (inventor); Tomy Company, Ltd.; Treude (inventor); U.S. Design Co.; Venture Production Corporation; Vesture Corporation; Wallace (inventor); Wanderman (inventor); Warner et al. (inventor); Well Creation Limited; Wertin (inventor); Wheeler (inventor); Woolnough (inventor); Zeidman (inventor);  

 This collection is informative and useful to gain knowledge about subject matter at hand, but should not be considered a patent search. The patents in this collection are from the US Patent and Trademark Office image database and are considered Public Domain. The purchase price pays for the search, collection, file conversion, packaging and distribution of the information as well as the creation of value-added content such as the linked index and instructions. A patent search is more than just a collection of patents and should be done by a licensed patent attorney or agent.

The CD is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be free of damage from shipping. If there is a problem, please email within seven days after receipt for a replacement.

Note: Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, are either registered trade marks, or trademarks of their respective companies

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